Unschooling Europe


We are a German unschooling family, living in the UK.
We have three children (8, 5 and 1 years old). We have been meeting and interviewing Unschooling families around UK and Europe – and we’re always looking for more Unschooling stories!

Before our eldest son was born we decided to unschool. Nearly eight years later all our children enjoy being unschooled. For us, this lifestyle choice is part of a life without fear for all of us. Our kids learn, thrive, explore, question and discover. They learn in their own way and at their pace with our support and respect for their innate development. We create opportunities for them to meet many different people, form relationships, get to know different places, try out a variety of activities and discover their passions so that they have time to develop their potential and be happy.

From baby onwards our children were allowed to be autonomous beings, they decide what they eat (from a range of healthy options), play, who to talk to and what to say. No pressure, no tests, no fears. Instead respect, kindness and unconditional love. This way we get to spend lots of time together as a family, we bond with the kids, siblings bond with each other, we as couple have more of time together.

Enjoy our blog and watch/read Unschooling stories from European families.

Thank you!

The Caravelli Unschooling Family